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About Sibel Berkhout

Specialized in collaboration

Background and experience

Communication is the basis of every good relationship. I grew up in a family with two cultures, where there was frequent miscommunication. As a result, I was aware of the impact of words from an early age. That partly stimulated me to use Dutch Rreally go to college. During my studies I followed a minor in Mediation in business disputes and a minor in Communication. I started in the legal profession (Labor Law) and moved to a large bank in the Zuid-As, where I have worked in recent years as head of a department in the field of compliance and risk management. There I was responsible for reporting on transactions to the supervisor. To meet this requirement, I have created a control framework model, based on the well-known COSO method. This model has inspired me to design a more practical version to use as a basis for optimizing collaboration. 


I am both a certified and MFN registered mediator. During my postdoctoral training as a Legal mediator - and further specializations in Labor Mediation, Group Mediation, and Business Mediation - I have developed skills to optimize collaborations and to prevent and mediate conflicts. In the legal profession I have experienced that there is often a winner and a loser in conflicts. With mediation you strive for a win-win in conflicts. But I like to apply the win-win principle when there is no conflict yet.

Realization of synergizing

During my career I have experienced that good collaboration is difficult. It has inspired me to make collaboration easier for others. It is a shame if potential is not used sufficiently, if irritations fester for an unnecessarily long time or even develop into a conflict.

By combining my background and experience, the concept of synergizing was created. To ensure a sustainable way of working together, where people feel connected. To prevent good people from leaving, falling out, or conflicts from arising. Ensuring that there is social safety and everyone is on the same page. Working together towards a clear goal, inspired and with pleasure.

Vision and mission

I believe that if you communicate on a deeper level with a focus on interests, you will achieve more than if you mainly focus on convincing the other person of your position. Self-knowledge forms the basis of effective communication and optimal cooperation. Once you understand what your own needs are, or why you are triggered, only then can you really start a conversation with the other person and make lasting agreements.

My mission is to improve collaboration within organizations by communicating better with each other. To provide a feeling of connection. I believe that a safe and trusting work environment – with happier and healthier employees – leads to better business results. 

Core values

As a synergizer, coach, and mediator, I act based on my core values: integrity, safety, freedom, creativity, and authenticity. Partly thanks to my multicultural background, I can easily relate to different types of people. I am open, sensitive, transparent, can listen between the lines and ask questions, analyze needs, and am quite direct.


I am married to Niels, and mother of Philip & Maxime. In my spare time I make paintings, enjoy sports, travel, and walk in nature. 

Mfn registered mediator, process supervisor, scrum master, confidential counselor, change management, transformation, reorganization, teamwork, team building, discussion counselor, process counselor, team coach, business coach, team coach, mediator, synergy. As a synergizer, I help improve business collaboration by allowing managers and employees to talk to each other.
“Improve your communication, transform your relationship.”
"Synergizing works perfectly for the proper functioning of the base of Lencioni's pyramid."
"Soft skills are just as important as hard skills for optimal collaboration."
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