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I help transform relational obstacles into positive connections, where there is room for trust, mutual understanding and ultimately synergy. I do this through dialogue guidance (small groups or 1 on 1), and through individual preparation for challenging conversations (coaching), at the initiative of a manager or employee. I help people talk to each other. To help well-functioning teams excel, or to help poorly functioning teams work together better and prevent mutual relationships from souring. If it turns out to have become too sour, mediation can offer a solution.


As a synergizer I am a dialogue facilitator between 2 or more people. I make sure the message is heard and delivered. The transmitter can transmit and the receiver can receive. I empower parties, where you feel the space to make yourself heard and are open to the other person's story. Tools are provided to promote communication and to take the relationship to an (even) higher level. This way you can focus on deeper matters/difficult topics.


You know best what solution would work for both of you. That's why I don't judge or give advice. You remain responsible for the content and solutions, so no substantive expertise is required on my part.


Are there disagreements, irritations or specific wishes that you have difficulty discussing? Is the collaboration under pressure and are you unable to engage in constructive discussions? Do you feel misunderstood or not heard? Then I can be used as a synergizer. As a synergizer I am a dialogue facilitator between 2 or more people. I provide a safe environment in which you can tell your story and am happy to guide you in the search for (structural) solutions that work for everyone.

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Colleagues Working Together


Communication and conflict management workshops provide the manager and/or team with tools to promote their relationship and to prevent and address irritations/conflicts. By giving you the tools, you can collaborate in a more sustainable way and make adjustments faster.


Risk management workshops can contribute to gaining insight into where the pain points are to be in control. My approach is based on COSO, where I mainly ask questions and do not provide substantive advice. Once again the focus is on getting tools for communicating on the topics that matter. This includes, among other things, how you can gain more support to comply with regulations, or how communication and relationships with the supervisor can be improved.

Health check

Performing a “health check” several times a year contributes to a healthy organization, just as people regularly visit the dentist for a check-up. Discussions can be started about how the collaboration is going and whether there is a need for guidance on certain topics. Prevent irritations from festering unnecessarily for a long time. A successful organization focuses not only on problems, but also on opportunities and a sustainable way of collaboration and communication.

Brushing Dog's Teeth


As a (business) coach, I help one-on-one with the preparation of a challenging conversation or negotiation. You will be given tools to get your message across for a constructive conversation. There is also the opportunity to do a role play, whether or not filmed, to experience how the way of communicating comes across and can potentially be further improved.


If the irritations have escalated to such an extent that a labor dispute has arisen, I can be deployed as a mediator. As an independent and impartial mediator, I will help you find a solution to your problem.

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